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At the core of UCAR’s mission in promoting research excellence, are the values that underlie our institutional culture:

  • Scientific integrity
  • A diverse workforce
  • Collaboration and partnerships
  • Innovation and agility
  • Transparency and open access
  • Fiscal accountability

These values also shape the core of our Ethics: both institutional and individual.  Ethical conduct is grounded in principles embracing honesty, fairness, respect for others, honoring commitments and obligations, compassion, integrity, taking responsibility for our actions, striving for excellence in performance, and complying with laws and regulations. 

Each day, as we go about doing our jobs, every one of us is faced with literally dozens of ethics questions, though we don't necessarily think of it that way.  But the decisions that we make in our scientific, technology and business positions involve choices that are affected by our ethics.

The UCAR Ethics program, with its associated policies and procedures, lays a framework for behavior.  But ethics are an individual decision. We are providing the framework, but each individual employee must commit to acting within that framework.

As a publicly supported corporation, we are charged with the public trust and must commit ourselves to spending federal money wisely and ensuring that our work is honest and above reproach.  In the course of your work, if you have ethics questions feel free to discuss them with your supervisor or with the ethics officer.