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Building Evacuation Instructions and Maps

Designated Assembly Area 
Maps & Instructions 

Each UCAR facility is equipped with alarms that sound when smoke or heat are detected or when sprinkler waters flow. All employees and visitors must leave the building when evacuation alarms sound.

    • Do not delay evacuation by packing up and carrying personal items - including bicycles; close your office door as you're leaving.
    • Evacuate the building using stairs and remove yourself and others to a safe distance from the building.
    • Assist others as you are able, look to see that everyone in your area has heard or seen the alarm and is leaving the building.
    • Staff with physical limitations preventing them from using the stairs may shelter in place in a room not involved with the emergency that has a door and a phone.  Close the door and report your location to UCAR Security by dialing x1139 from the office phone.  UCAR Security will transmit your location to the on-site incident commander who will coordinate your evacuation by the Fire Department.
    • All staff and visitors are to assemble in their Designated Assembly Area and report to the Division/Program staff responsible for accounting for them.
    • Remain in the designated assembly area until released to return to the building or instructed to go home.
    • When instructed to go home Divisions and Programs will communicate return to work instructions to employees by e-mail and telephone.

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