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Committee Responsibilities



Attendance/Participation in Monthly Safety & Security Meetings: The Committee meets once per month to discuss safety & security related issues. Members represent their division/program in identifying and solving safety & security related issues. Members unable to attend a monthly meeting are charged with providing a qualified substitute to attend in their place.

Safety Inspections: Several times a year representatives will conduct safety inspections as part of an inspection team led by the Health and Environmental Services Director. Representatives will track the resolution of any violations found at their division or program locations. This activity allows representatives to impress upon co-workers the need to conduct activities in a safe manner, correct unsafe work conditions and provide positive re-enforcement to those employees observed working in a safe manner.

Accident Investigations: Representatives will be asked by the Health and Environmental Director to conduct and publish accident investigations as part of an inspection team. Unfortunately, this is one Health, Environment and Safety Committee activity that does not readily lend itself toward pre-planning. This may cause some hardship on a representative as it disrupts the work schedule, however, the disruption is minimal as compared to the re-occurrence of a similar type accident. Therefore, cooperation is needed in completing these investigations in as short a time frame as possible. On a positive note, if the Health, Environment and Safety Committee is truly effective, then there should be little need for any investigation.

Conducting Safety Meetings: Representatives may be called upon to conduct a Safety & Security meeting on issues relevant to their division/program and may be assisted by the Health and Environmental Director. Safety Meetings are most effective when present by “in-house” personnel, thus the need for the representatives’ participation and leadership.

Safety Awareness and Publicity: Since most accidents are caused by an unsafe act it is important to establish and maintain a high profile safety attitude among our employees. The Safety and Security Committee conducts several awareness campaigns aimed at creating/increasing safety awareness. These may be posters, seminars or workshops in which representatives will be expected to participate. These are rewarding activities as they most often deal with positive subject matter.

New Employee Orientation: New employees are often prone to accidents, since they are relatively new to the job and may be unfamiliar with some hazards. It is especially important to provide a positive safety attitude within the first few days of starting a new job. Safety & Security Committee members are asked to make an initial contact with new employees with his/her division/program and to maintain that contact throughout the first few months of employment.

Leadership: By virtue of committee membership representative assume a leadership role within their division/program. Employees will turn to them to solve safety related problems. Representatives should be prepared for this leadership role. The Health and Environmental Services Director is there to support and assist in providing group leadership and to assist in providing group leadership and to assist representatives with any problems that might arises.

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