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MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is a document usually supplied with the chemical that provides information about specific hazards, identification, spill control, disposal procedures and other information pertinent to the safe use of the particular chemical.

UCAR is required to maintain long term files of MSDS so that they can be retrieved at a later date should reference be required to assess situation from the past or mitigate a current hazardous situation. To make MSDS more accessible and retain the original MSDS that arrived with purchased chemicals, HESS implemented a searchable database of MSDS available to the NCAR users.

HESS personnel has an extended version of the MSDS database that allows more advanced search and retrieval of MSDS for multiple chemicals or entire labs, based on their current chemical inventory. If you need assistance in maintaining your MSDS files current, contact HESS at x2409. Typically, HESS can provide users with PDF versions of the required MSDS that the users can then print out and file in their lab MSDS books.

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