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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Hard hat, safety glasses, and gloves

Please Note: Personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided at no cost to the UCAR employee.


Non-prescription safety glasses and goggles are available from HESS. UCAR supplies basic prescription glasses with scratch resistant coating. Safety glasses are supplied with side shields. Employees may choose to add features at their own expense, including anti-glare coating. Transition or other color changing lenses are not permitted for UCAR provided safety glasses.

You are responsible for obtaining a current eye exam. Take your current prescription to Visions Optical, show your employee identification. You will choose from a selection of safety frames, your glasses are typically ready within a week. UCAR is billed directly. There is no cost to employees for safety and computer glasses required for work. Contact your supervisor or Bob Wiley to learn if you need safety or computer glasses for work.

Vision Optical

Visions Optical

1933 28th Street Suite 206

Boulder, CO 80301


South west corner of Walnut and 28th St.





Earplugs and muffs are available from HESS. During the Hearing Conservation Program testing, the audiologist may refer an individual for custom earplugs.



Face guards are safety devices designed to protect the face from debris or other hazards such as impact, heat, chemical splash.

Face shields are available from HESS upon request. Face shields provide full face protection from splash and/or impact is commonly required for work with human pathogens, some laboratory chemicals, explosion hazards, heavy grinding and heavy spraying or splashing, and with larger quantities of dangerous liquids such as acids, bases, and many organic liquids. A face shield can also afford extra protection against extreme temperatures. Protection of the face, eyes, and sometimes throat by the use of a helmet or cap-like device fitted with a clear plastic shield to resist splashing and/or impact.

Throat protection is especially necessary in the presence of chemical reaction set-ups which, because they are large and/or potentially violent and/or of unknown nature, could deflagrate or detonate and send glass and chemicals flying. All face shields are considered secondary protection and must be used in addition to safety goggles to provide adequate protection.



Hard hats are needed whenever there is an overhead hazard. Hard hats are available from HESS by request.



Safety shoes are available from HESS and offered by several vendors. Employees may choose any model appropriate for their work. The maximum cost UCAR will pay is $175.00 every 2 years. Employees are permitted to obtain more expensive shoes/boots by paying for the additional cost. Shoe polish, cleaning and waterproofing agents, extra laces are examples of items not provided by the safety program. Show your employee identification. UCAR is billed directly.

Red Wing Boulder
2707 Arapahoe Ave.
Boulder, CO  80302
Next to "Men's Warehouse" in "The Village" shopping mall

Intermountain Safety Shoes
15400 W. 44th Ave.
Golden, CO  80403



Protection from chemical exposure: lab coats, aprons, gloves, coveralls. Contact HESS for proper glove selection.

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