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Purchasing Chemicals

Purchasing Chemicals

UCAR staff members are permitted to purchase hazardous chemicals on a restricted basis. With the implementation of UProcure, HESS will now be notified of all chemical purchases and will be required to provide approval before the purchase of higher hazard chemicals. The reason for this is that, when purchasing new chemicals, it is important that your area be outfitted with the proper handling and storage facilities, that you have the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your upcoming task, and that you receive any additional safety training that may be necessary. Below is a breakdown of the various hazardous material commodity codes in UProcure. It is essential that you use the correct code for your chemical purchase.

Codes requiring HESS approval—these codes are for higher hazard chemical products and materials that require special permits through external regulatory agencies; compressed gas cylinders are also on the approval list so that HESS can review use and arrange legal transport if needed.

  • 12000000- Hazardous > Lab Grade Chemicals
  • 12131500- Hazardous > Explosives
    • This code is used for items such as flares or squibs. These items require a permit through the ATF.
  • 12142207- Hazardous > Radioactive materials and Radiation Producing Devices
    • This code is for items such as elemental isotopes (Po-210, Am-241), X-rays, and Soft X-rays. These items require a permit through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
  • 15111512- Hazardous > Compressed Gases
    • Rental or purchase of compressed gas cylinders for in house or field use, refills of tanks or dewars, and the purchase or refill of lecture bottles  

Codes that will trigger a notification to HESS

  • 12160000- Hazardous > Consumer-Grade Chemicals
    • Is for basic off-the-shelf consumer-grade chemicals (WD-40, adhesives, lubricants, paint, etc.)
    • This code is not meant for getting around the authorization step of chemical purchases. False entry of items into this code may result in suspension of chemical purchasing privileges.
  • 24111800- Hazardous > Compressed Gas Cylinder Rental and Lease
    • This code is for rental and lease (demurrage) fees ONLY.

Commodity Code 76121900A is for hazardous waste disposal and is for HESS use ONLY.

If you have any questions or concerns about these procedures, please send them to Also, if you need a chemical quickly, notify HESS and we will work to accommodate your purchase.

If you are purchasing anything that is Flammable, Reactive, or Toxic, then you are purchasing a Chemical.

Effective purchasing decisions and practices help with chemical waste minimization. And even if buying chemicals in bulk quantities may cost less at first it will cost a lot more when it is time to dispose large amounts of unused chemicals. So whenever it is possible, order the smallest amount of chemicals you would use to avoid accumulating "leftover" chemicals which can lead to safety hazards and huge future disposal costs.

Chemicals may not be bought using UCAR Purchasing Cards according to UCAR Purchasing Card Program (UCP) Procedures.


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