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Workers' Compensation

A Quick Guide to Workers' Compensation

Current List of Workers' Compensation Treatment Facilities

All employees are covered by Workers' Compensation insurance. Below are the procedures to follow if you are injured on the job. If you have further questions, please contact Bob Wiley, Health, Environment and Safety Services (HESS), 303-497-8554.

Is it Work Related or Not?

Occasionally, you may not know if the illness or injury is work related. Contact HESS if you think the illness or injury may be work related. If you go to the designated provider before the cause is determined (work related or not) the charges will be held until the designated provider clarifies the nature of the illness or injury. Generally, the insurance provider pays the charges incurred during this period in full. If the illness or injury is then determined not to be work-related, you must go to your personal physician for treatment. In this situation, your regular insurance carrier will handle the subsequent charges.

When an Illness or Injury requires Medical Attention:

1.  Notify your supervisor and Bob Wiley x8554 or  Anna Vasilyeva x2409 as soon as possible.

2.  Treatment:

For non-emergency treatment call HESS x8554 to arrange for an appointment. You will need to present photo identification at your first visit.

Current List of Workers' Compensation Treatment Facilities

In case of an extreme (life or limb-threatening) or after-hours emergency, go to the nearest medical emergency facility, Boulder Community Hospital or Avista Adventist Hospital.

Boulder Community Hospital
4747 Arapahoe Ave
Boulder CO 80303
Phone: 303-415-7000

Avista Adventist Hospital
100 Health Park Drive
Louisville, CO 80027
Phone: 303-673-1000

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
214 E. 23rd St.
Cheyenne, WY 82001
Phone: 307-634-2272

For emergency treatment (other than basic first aid) go immediately to one of the above designated clinics in your area of employment.

3.  Investigation:

All work-related illnesses or injuries must have an Accident Investigation. Call HESS x8554 to report an accident.

4.  Financial responsibility:

UCAR's Workers Compensation insurance covers all work related injuries. All bills are normally sent directly to the insurance provider. If you erroneously receive bills please forward those to HESS.

5.  Prescriptions may be filled at any major chain. If the pharmacy questions the coverage, please have the pharmacy contact the assigned claim adjuster to verify coverage.

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