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Shuttle Tracker App

Screenshot of ClearPathGPS App

Track the shuttles with the ClearPathGPS mobile app

  • See shuttle routes taken and current status
  • Color coded for stop, idle, or moving shuttles
  • Updates every 30 seconds
  • Standard and satellite views
  • Live traffic overlay from Google


To get started:

  • Watch the ClearPathGPS phone app tutorial
  • From your phone, download the ClearPathGPS app from your App store. Or access the tool from your desktop by visiting
  • Login using the and Password=shuttle


Quick Tips for Understanding and Using the App:

  • Red icons are stopped shuttles
  • Green icons are moving shuttles
  • Screen refreshes every 30 seconds
  • To zoom in, double tap or pinch out
  • Tap any icon to bring up bubble with stop time and location details
  • Tap bubble again to see track history for the day


Happy Tracking!


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