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Vehicle Services

Short Term Vehicle Use

GSA vehicles are available for to staff on a first come, first served basis. The driver must:

In addition, 15 passenger van drivers, or other drivers responsible for group transportation, may be required to:

  • ​​Submit a Motor Vehicle Record review form
  • ​​Complete online defensive driving course​
  • ​​Complete 45 minute behind-the-wheel evaluation​

There is a daily charge of $10.00-$14.00 per day, plus a mileage charge of $0.09-$0.32 per mile, depending on the vehicle used.  Vehicle rental charges include gas and maintenance.  For reservations, please contact Jean Hancock,
, ext. 8504, or submit  vehicle reservation form.


Long Term Vehicle Use

GSA vehicles are often available for long term use by UCAR/NCAR divisions/departments. For vehicle information, costs, availability, and to request assignment of a GSA vehicle, contact Jean Hancock at ext. 8504, or

Division/Department Responsibilities

Divisions/departments assigned vehicles for long-term use are responsible for:

  • reporting monthly mileage
  • checking fluid levels/tire pressure regularly
  • reporting maintenance problems
  • transporting vehicle for maintenance and repairs
  • keeping the vehicle clean

The driver's division/department will be financially responsible for any vehicle damage caused by driver negligence during the assignment of a GSA vehicle.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

UCAR Transportation is making every effort to increase it's alternative fuel fleet.  At present, 70% of our fleet (33 out of 46 vehicles) utilize alternative fuels.  We have 28 bi-fuel gas/ethanol (E85) vehicles, 1 hybrid electric vehicle, and 4 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.  We hope to increase our HEV and PHEV fleet as these vehicles become more readily available through the GSA leasing program.

Event Transportation

For small internal meetings, a 15 passenger GSA shuttle van and two minivans are available for reservation.  Please contact Jean Hancock,, or ext. 8504 for pricing and availability.  For larger meetings or external groups, please visit Event Services website for transportation information.  

Operating Procedures

Please see the GSA Fleet Vehicle Guide located in the vehicle packet, or at:


Insurance and Registration

UCAR's insurance card is located in vehicle's information packet. Registration is not required for government vehicles.

Additional Information:

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