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Radiation Safety

The radiation safety program is provided to protect staff, visitors, the public and the environment from harmful effects of ionizing radiation by complying with regulatory requirements of the State of Colorado, "Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Radiation Control."

UCAR maintains a radioactive materials license from the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment for all Colorado based operations.  Additional licenses are obtained for work in other states or countries as needed for field projects.  Use of all types of radioactive sources is regulated by these licenses.

Reva Golden x8562 is UCAR's Radiation Safety Officer. It is her responsibility to develop and audit our policies, maintain licenses (and amend licenses for new sources), approve purchases, maintain our source inventory, conduct periodic wipe tests of our sources, and properly dispose of radioactive sources.

Frank Flocke x1457 and Anna Vasilyeva x2409 serve on UCAR's Radiation Safety Committee. The Committee's responsibilities include: taking over the RSO duties listed above in Reva's absence, providing technical and compliance advice, and assisting in maintaining program compliance.

UCAR Authorized Users of Radioactive Materials are required to have the following: Education, Experience, and Application

Resources for Staff:

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