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Access Card Form

Administrator Resources/Admin Network (internal only)

Adult/Elder Care

Advertising, Paid Recruitment

Affiliate Professors Procedures

Affiliate Scientists Appointments Procedures

Affirmative Action Plan

Affirmative Action Policy

Anonymous Reporting

Appointment Types

Assistance with Benefits


B-Cycle (Boulder)

Back-Up Child Care (Bright Horizons)

Basic AD&D Insurance Plan

Basic AD&D, Travel Accident and Voluntary AD&D Comparison Matrix

Beneficiary Change Form

Benefits Assistance

Benefits Change Form

Benefits Eligibility by Appointment

Benefits Guides2019 Colorado Benefits Guide / 2019 Outside Colorado Benefits Guide

Benefits Manual

Benefits Information

Best Doctors -- Expert Second Opinion / Best Doctors Guide

Blue Pages (Organizational Listing)

Boulder B-Cycle

Bright Horizons back-up care/resource & referral

Bus Pass (EcoPass)


Career Planning and Development

Career Opportunities

Card Access Form


Casual Employee Guidelines

Child Care (Bright Horizons)

Child Care at UCAR - KinderCare Learning Center at UCAR (UCAR site)

Cigna Claim Forms

Cigna Dental Claim Form

Cigna Dental Plan

Cigna High Deductible/HSA Plan

Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy Mail Order Form

Cigna MDLive

Cigna Medical Claim Form

Cigna Open Access Plus/In-Network Plan (only in AL, NJ, WY)

Cigna Preventive Care Reference Guide

Cigna Provider Directory

Cigna Vision Plan - Voluntary

Civilian Military Service, Leave for

Code of Conduct

Commuter Benefits Claim Form (WageWorks)

Commuter Benefit Program

Compensation and Benefits Policy & Procedures

Conflict of Interest Policy and Statement

Connect Employee Self-Service

Contact Us (internal only)

Corporate Property Recovery Form

Corporate Training Calendar

Counseling Sessions, On-Site with TIAA

Current Open Positions


Daycare Center (UCAR)

Daycare Provider Resource and Referral (Bright Horizons)

Death Leave, Family Death Leave

Delphi Questions

Dental Benefits

Dental Claim Forms

Departures and New Hires

Dependent Care Assistance

Dependent Care Benefits Claim Form (WageWorks)

Direct Deposit Authorization for Flexible Spending (WageWorks)

Directions to UCAR/NCAR/UCP


Disabilities in the Workplace

Discipline Policy

Domestic Violence Awareness resources

Donation (Leave) of Hours form

Donation (Leave) Program

Donation (Leave) Request form


EcoPass (Bus Pass)

Education Assistance Program

Education Assistance Program Application Form

Elder/Adult Care (Bright Horizons)

Emergency Communication

Emergencies on travel / Identify Theft -- Travel Assistance Brochure (The Hartford)

Emeritus/Emerita Status (Procedure)

Employee Activities Committee (EAC)

Employee & Organizational Development (EOD)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee Evaluation of Supervision Form

Employee Listing (White Pages)

Employee Personal Records

Employee Recognition Awards Procedures

Employee Tax Certification form (Education Assistance)

Employment & Income Verification Service - InVerify

EOD Training Catalog

EPO/Open Access Plus/In-Network Plan - Cigna (only in AL, NJ, WY)

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

Ergonomic Evaluations

EstateGuidance Services & Wills

Ethics Office

EthicsPoint Anonymous Reporting

Executive Leadership Program

Exit Interview

Exit Interview Form

Expert Second Opinion, Best Doctors / Best Doctors Guide

Export Compliance


Family Death Leave

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) -- Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Family Sick Leave

Field Project Health Insurance

Flexible Spending Account Plan

Flexible Work Alternative Guidelines

Flu Shots & Voucher Program

Forms Library (Comprehensive)

Foreign Visitor & Scholar Services

Funeral Planning Service

Furlough Guidelines


Government ID Card

Graduate Research Assistants Procedures

Guest Wireless Access


H-1B Visa Information

H-1B Visa Information Form

Health Care Flexible Spending Account Claim Form (WageWorks)

Health Insurance for Visa Holders

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Health Savings Account (HSA) Plan - Cigna

High Deductible/Health Saving Account (HSA) Plan - Cigna

Highlights Brochure - 2019 Colorado Benefits Guide / 2019 Outside Colorado Benefits Guide



Hiring Process Road Map


Home Delivery Pharmacy (Mail Order Form, Cigna)

Housing Office

HR Forms Library

HR Guidelines

HR Home Page

HR Policies & Procedures

HR Staff

HSA (Health Savings Account) Plan - Cigna

HSA and the HDHP Plan - Cigna

HSA - Tax Filing for HSA Accounts

ID Card (Government)

Income and Employment Verification Service -- InVerify

Insurance Premiums

International Visitor & Scholar Services

iVantage Manager Access/x8888

InVerify Employment & Income Verification Service


Job Groups - Positions by

Job Matrices


Joint Appointment Guidelines and Form

J-1 Visa Information

J-1 Visa Information Form

Jury Duty


Kaiser Permanente Home Page

Kaiser Permanente Plan

KinderCare Learning Center at UCAR


Lactation Rooms -- CG, FL, FLA, ML / Request for Mini Refrigerator

Leadership Academy

Leave Donation Program (and forms)

Leave for Civilian Military Service

Leave Policy

Leave Types

Leaves of Absence

Life Insurance Plan

Long-Term Disability Plan

Long-Term Disability War Risk Plan


Manager Access to iVantage

Maps to UCAR/NCAR/UCP locations


MDLive - Cigna

Medical Claim Forms


Military Leave

Mini Refrigerator Request / Lactation Rooms

My Total Rewards Statement / Login instructions - English and Spanish



New Employee Assistance

New Employee Orientation Checklist

New Hires and Departures

Nonresident Alien Statement of Reduced Withholding Form

Notary Public

Nursing Mothers - Lactation Rooms -- FL, FLA, ML


Ombuds Office

On-Site TIAA One-on-One Counseling Sessions

Open Access Plus/In-Network Plan - Cigna (only in AL, NJ, WY)

OpenHire Support

Open Enrollment - 2019

Open Enrollment Meetings

Open Positions

Operations, UCAR Home Page

Optional Accident Insurance Plan

Optional Accident Insurance Rates

Optional AD&D, Basic AD&D and Travel Accident Comparison Matrix

Organizational Listing (Blue Pages)

Orientation Checklist

Outside Employment Procedures


Paladina Health Clinic and Enrollment site

Payroll Schedule

Peer Mentoring

People Search

Personnel Profile Change Form

Personal Time Off (PTO)

Phased Retirement

Policies Manual

Position Description

Positions by Job Groups

Postdoctoral Fellows Guidelines

Premiums, Insurance

Pre-Retirement Planning Seminars (access EOD/Staff Development Catalog)

Prescription Drug Reimbursement Form

Preventive Care Reference Guide, Cigna

Privacy Policy

Problem Resolution

Project Scientist III and IV Guidelines

Property Recovery Form

Provider Directory (Cigna)




Reclassification Action Form

Recovery of Corporate Property Form

Reduction in Staff (RIS)

Relocation Guidelines

Remote Workplace Agreement Guidelines

Retirement Guidelines

Retirement Readiness Guide

Retirement Plan Summary Plan Description (TIAA)

RTD EcoPass


Safety & Security Committee

Salary Continuation Pay (SCP)

Salary/Income Verification

Salary Ranges

Scientific and Research Engineering Appointments

Senior Research Associates Procedures

Separation Notice Form

Services Listing (Yellow Pages)

Sexual Harassment

Sick Leave Policy (see Leave Policy)

Skillport Online Catalog

SOARS (Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science)

SPD - Summary Plan Description Cigna Dental

SPD - Summary Plan Description Cigna High Deductible/HSA Plan

SPD - Summary Plan Description Kaiser Permanente HMO

SPD - Summary Plan Description UCAR Retirement Plan

Star (Download the form for UCAR Operations's Recognition Program)

Student Visitors Procedure

Summary Annual Reports (SAR)


Tax Certification Form (Employee), (Education Assistance)

Tax Filing for HSA Accounts

Temporary Agencies

Termination Matrix

Termination policy

TIAA web site

TIAA Beneficiary Change Form

TIAA Election Change Form

TIAA Enrollment Forms

TIAA Microsite

TIAA On-Site One-on-One Counseling Sessions

TIAA - UCAR Summary Plan Description

Time Card Application

Time Reporting Training

Total Rewards Statement / Login instructions - English and Spanish

Training   - Instructor-led classes  - Self-paced/online

Training Calendar

Transportation at UCAR

Transportation Benefit Program

Travel Accident, Basic AD&D and Voluntary AD&D Comparison Matrix

Travel Accident Insurance Plan - Full-time and Casual employees

Travel Accident Insurance Plan - Part-time employees

Travel Accident Insurance Plan - Pilots

Travel Accident Insurance Plan - Guests

Travel Assistance Brochure (travel emergencies / Identity Theft) (The Hartford)



UCAR Child Care Center - KinderCare Learning Center at UCAR

UCAR Ombuds Office

UCAR Operations Home Page

UCAR Retirement Readiness Guide

UCAR Transportation


Unemployment Insurance

Use of Non-UCAR Staff Procedure


Verification - InVerify Employment & Income Verification Service

Visa Information Form (H-1B)

Visa Information Form (J-1)


Vision Plan - Cigna Voluntary

Visitor Directory

Visitor Forms (V1, V2, V3)

Visitor Insurance for Visa Holders

Visitors Manual

Visitors (Procedure)

Voluntary AD&D, Basic AD&D and Travel Accident Comparison Matrix

Voluntary Accident Insurance Plan

Voluntary Accident Insurance Rates



WageWorks Flexible Spending & Commuter site

WageWorks Commuter Benefits Claim Form

WageWorks Dependent Care Benefits Claim Form

WageWorks Flexible Spending Direct Deposit Authorization

WageWorks Health Care Flexible Spending Account Claim Form

Wellness Events

Where is UCAR/NCAR/UCP located?

Whistleblower Policy

White Pages (Employee Listing)

Wills and EstateGuidance Services

Wireless Access (Guest)

Workers' Compensation Guidelines

Working at UCAR


Yellow Pages (Services Listing)

You're a Star (Download the form for UCAR Operations Recognition Program)


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