InVerify - Employment and Income Verification

inverify - employment and income verification

UCAR Human Resources uses InVerify for verifying employment and income with lenders, landlords, and others authorized by current and former employees to receive such information.

All requests for verifications of employment will be processed by InVerify.  InVerify provides secure, fast, accurate and up-to-date access to employment and income information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Current and former employees will be able to provide the lender, landlord, or other agency with authorization to contact InVerify directly. And any request received by Human Resources will be forwarded to the employee so that she or he can authorize release of the information through InVerify.

Questions regarding this service may be directed to Stefania Damiani, 303-497-8715, or InVerify Customer Support, 1-866-295-7363.

InVerify FAQ

How InVerify Works


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