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Our visitors are valued members of the UCAR/NCAR community and our Visitor Program is a vital element of our mission and goals.

As part of our core values, we encourage and support collaboration with colleagues within the U.S. and abroad. To further those interactions we offer a variety of opportunities to visit our organization. As a result, we host hundreds of visitors each year: university faculty, lab scientists, professionals, and students. Those who are interested in learning more about the various visitor programs offered at our organization (including internships, fellowships and scientific and technical visits) can find detailed information here.

Research and collaborative tools that we offer to the atmospheric, solar, and Earth system science community include Computer Forecasting Models; computing facilities; services and workshops; data archives and services; satellite instruments; aircraft; and ground-based facilities for collecting weather, climate, and other Earth system data; and offering education and training services to weather forecasters, hydrologists, oceanographers, environmental and social scientists, and students.

If you are an international visitor to our institution, please visit our International Visitor and Scholar Services site.

If you are a UCAR/NCAR employee seeking information about the visitor administrative process, including policies and procedures, please visit the Scientifc and Technical Visitor Appointments site.

International Visitor and Scholar Services

Responsible for assisting foreign visitors and scholars with visa and immigration information. The department also assists UCAR/NCAR laboratories/programs with the process of bringing foreign nationals to our organization for a wide range of activities, from short-term visits to long-term regular appointments.

Scientific and Technical Visitor Appointments

Information and resources for laboratories/programs who are going through the process of bringing a visitor to our institution. Here you can find information about the various visitor categories (V1, V2, V3), official forms, and references to official UCAR policies and procedures.


If you will be a visitor to, or employee of, UCAR/NCAR and need assistance with housing in the Boulder area, the Housing Office can provide assistance and/or resources.


Processes/procedures, regulations, and application information for visa types most common to UCAR/NCAR employees & visitors.