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About the CTTC

Mission Statement

The Corporate Technical Training Center meets the growing technical training needs for UCAR, NCAR, and UOP staff. In combination with HR's Staff Development program, it provides an in-house location for cost-effective, hands-on technical training.


About the CTTC

The UCAR Corporate Technical Training Center (CTTC) is a state of the art computer based training lab housed at the Center Green location. The facility has the capacity to train up to 16 students and is available for use by any UCAR division/program/employee. It offers 17 workstations (16 student/1 instructor), a Sun Fire V240 Unix server, two Windows 2003 Active Directory servers, one Windows member server, and various multimedia equipment. Click here for a detail listing of the hardware and software resources available.Many of the technical Staff Development course offerings will be conducted in the CTTC. Additional potential topics include:

  • Desktop applications such as Microsoft Office.
  • Web page design and other internet related subjects
  • Windows, Linux.
  • UCAR Operations Web Apps
  • Multimedia training
  • Various programming languages and techniques
  • Division-specific technical topics

The CTTC is maintained and overseen by the IT group of UCAR Operations. If you have any questions or suggestions for the facility, please contact CTTC Administration.


Directions to the CTTC

The CTTC is located at the Center Green campus, 3085 Center Green Drive (CG-2) in Boulder. If you are traveling north on Foothills Parkway, take a left (west) at Valmont. Go one block and turn right (north) at Center Green Drive. Go to the cul de sac at the end of Center Green Drive. The CTTC is in the building on the left side of the main UCAR/NCAR building. You will need your ID card to gain access to the building. The CTTC is located on the top floor in room 3024. On that floor, follow the hallway to the west (left from the elevator, right from the stairs), then take the right at the fork, and it will be straight ahead.

Parking is available around all of the buildings on the Center Green campus, or there is regular shuttle service to Center Green.

Additional Information:

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