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Replace our current outdated Awards Management system with Kuali Research, open-source software built specifically for research institutions and higher education to manage the full research administration life cycle. It will enable us to streamline processes and create a single repository for all award and reporting/deliverable information.


User Support resources

Visit our User Support Resources site for more information.


Latest News

April 9, 2018

We are pleased to announce that the Kuali Awards Management system is now live.  Kuali provides robust data to assist with award management by labs/programs, the NCAR and UCP directorates, and UCAR Operations administrative staff. The Kuali platform and includes:


  • Central repository for accessing award documents for all new awards and modifications going forward
  • Migrated information for all existing awards in Active, Pending, and WRAP status as of March 30, 2018
  • Integration with Advance Notice and PandA to identify high-level proposal data in Kuali
  • Integration with IFAS and iVantage
  • Single sign-on to Kuali and award access based on defined permissions
  • Enhanced award data for reporting through Cognos


For the best viewing experience, we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.


Please be sure to visit the Kuali User Support site where you will find a number of learning resources including how-to videos to help you get started. This site is easily accessible while you are in Kuali by clicking on the GET HELP link in the upper righthand corner.


If you run into any issues or questions, please enter a Help Desk ticket or dial the Contracts line at ext. 8894 for assistance. The help link and instructions can also be found on the user support site.


The launch of Kuali marks another successful UCAR Operations milestone in delivering improved systems as part of the Operational Excellence initiatives. Learn more about OPEX here.


January 22, 2018

Important Dates

February and March - Lab/Program Training. Each lab/program is scheduled for training. Please contact you lab/program administrator should you have any questions.

April 9th - Go-Live!


October 31, 2017

Revised Kuali Awards Management Implementation Timeframe

First use of the Kuali awards management platform was originally planned for October 2017. We have moved it to March 2018 to allow additional testing cycles for our data migration and to complete the Cognos reporting requirements. We want to ensure we deliver a quality system upon launch. Training will be scheduled after the first of the year with a variety of session formats to accommodate all users.


For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Jill Lampe (8522) or Ann Gumbiner (2140).


June 8, 2017

Upcoming Kuali Show & Tells!

The Kuali Development Team for direct awards is hosting a preview of the new, upcoming awards management system.  All interested staff are invited to attend to learn more about Kuali and how we intend to use the system.  These presentations will be of special interest to the award administrative staff in your organization. Your feedback is important to us so we are scheduling multiple options to accommodate schedules.  


Show & Tells Sessions:

June 15  10-11am at FL2-1001

June 20  10-11am at ML-245 (Chapman Room)


Additional Feedback/Q&A Sessions:

July 13  10-11am at ML-245 (Chapman Room)

July 18  1:30-2:30pm at FLA-2205


Please contact Jill Lampe (8522) or Ann Gumbiner (2140) if you have any questions.




    • Modern electronic award management tool and capabilities 
    • Online document repository (e.g., award documents and reports)
    • Comprehensive deliverable management and tracking, including automated alerts and notifications
    • Easy to view summary of key terms and conditions
    • Enhanced reporting metrics
    • Ability to display and print high-level award metrics in a user-friendly format
    • Automated workflows including embedded business rules
    • Role based permissions
    • IFAS integration with ability to search by account key

The team

    • Amy Smith
    • Anita Monk-Ryan
    • Ann Gumbiner
    • Dale Cozad
    • Gail Schipper
    • Jill Lampe
    • Julie Bell
    • Karl Werner
    • Ken Kim
    • Lori Adams
    • Steve Waltman
    • Susan Wang


    • UCP Gail Leidigh
    • ACOM Barb Tunison
    • CGD Yoshiko Kaneda
    • CISL Mary Pronk
    • EOL Amy Honchar and Maureen Donovan
    • HAO Amy Knack and Caitlyn Quinn
    • MMM Caroline Haws
    • RAL Jo Zoetewey and Cheryl Hilliard-Menzies
    • COMET Lorrie Alberta 
    • COSMIC Silvia Agnona & Becky Cotter
    • CPAESS Kelly Smith & Julie Cross
    • GLOBE Megan Delaney
    • SCI-ED Emily Doremire
    • UNIDATA Sheri Ruscetta

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