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UCAR Security Vehicle

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UCAR Security Policy

It is UCAR's policy to protect UCAR's employees, visitors, equipment, facilities and assets from physical danger and physical harm. Concurrently, UCAR's policy is to offer an environment that is accommodating to the public and visitors. Individual laboratories, divisions, programs and departments are responsible for property management and identifying areas requiring special security needs, such as controlled access, electronic surveillance, special patrols, or other deterrents. UCAR's security program is designed and administered by Facilities Mangement, Safety and Sustainability and utilizes:

  • Electronic access control
  • Electronic surveillance
  • Front desk reception personnel
  • Random physical patrols and
  • Fire, smoke and intrusion detection and alarms

Security services are provided via a contracted professional security firm. The contractor is managed by the Director of FMS&S. Protection is provided via remote surveillance and officer foot and vehicle patrols. The Security office is located at the Mesa Laboratory front desk and is occupied 24 hours a day. You can contact the on-site security officer at x1139.



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