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Borrow a Blue Bike as a great way to commute if you’re new to town or want to try out bicycling.  Employees, research visitors, and interns can check out a bike for up to 1 month and enjoy getting around on two wheels.  All bikes receive regular maintenance, and many were built just for UCAR to be as commuter-friendly as possible. Blue Bikes have been part of the UCAR/NCAR community for fourteen years!

Want a bike for a quick ride, to get to a meeting or to run errands?  

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How do I borrow a Blue Bike?
Blue Bike Rules
Division Bikes for Official Visitors

How do I borrow a Blue Bike?

Complete the online Blue Bike check-out form and liability waiver.

How do I return a Blue Bike?
•    Be sure to return your bike on or before the date listed on your check-out form.
•    Return the bike to the designated Blue Bike rack outside of the main entrance to FL2 and return your key to the person working at the FL2 front desk. 

Blue Bike Rules
•    Ride safely and within your own bicycling abilities.
•    Maximum check-out one month. Total use of a Blue Bike is limited to one month per year, per person. Exception: Division Blue Bikes, available through specific divisions that host a Blue Bike fleet for their staff, may be available for a longer time period. Check out limits keep bikes in circulation for a large number of riders.
•    Only the person who borrows the bike may ride it. You cannot check out a bike for someone else to ride.
•    Use: Blue Bikes are intended for commuter use, not for long distance rides or mountain biking.
•    Maintenance: Note any maintenance needs you encounter. Refill the tires with air as needed. If your bike needs a repair during your check out period, contact the Sustainability office to get a replacement bike and get the bike you checked out repaired.
•    We recommend that only experienced bicyclists with well-fitting personal bikes ride on the hill below the Mesa Lab, and other steep hills.

Division Bikes for Official Visitors
Several labs and programs coordinate with Sustainability to have a small pool of bikes that their visitors can borrow for up to six months.  Visitors in EOL, MMM and SOARS should check with their administrator if they are interested in borrowing one of their group’s bikes.


Who can borrow a Blue Bike?
Employees and official visitors who are on the UCAR/NCAR payroll may borrow a Blue Bike.  Other visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the “red bikes” in the Boulder B-cycle kiosks at CG and FL for short term riding.

Why is there a one-month checkout limit?
Blue Bikes are great for anyone who needs a temporary commuting option.  A one-month check out time allows visitors and employees who want to commute by bike enough time to learn their bicycle commuting route and purchase a bicycle for long-term personal use.  Limiting check-out time ensures that Blue Bikes will be accessible to a larger number of employees.

Can I reserve a bike?
Blue Bike check out is on a first come, first served basis.  Due to the variable nature of the bike loan program, we are unable to hold reservations for the bike’s use.

Can I borrow a helmet?
Helmet fit is important for safety, so we encourage riders to wear their own helmets when riding a bike.  A limited number of loaner helmets are available in the lobby of FL2.

I need a bike for more than a month. What do I do?
During our off-peak season (September-April), we may be able to accommodate longer borrowing times. Reach out to with your extension request and we will do our best to work with you. If you’re looking for a low-cost and healthy transportation option, biking in Boulder is the way to go!  Check out our numerous local bike shops for new or second-hand bicycles in any price range.  If you leave town and no longer need your bike, consider donating it to Community Cycles, a local nonprofit that provides low-cost, refurbished bikes to kids and adults. 

How are Blue Bikes maintained?
Mobile Bike Man, a local mobile bike repair business, regularly inspects and maintains our fleet of bikes.  Please report maintenance issues to the Sustainability program so we can get them fixed as quickly as possible.  

Why doesn’t the Mesa Lab have any Blue Bikes?
For safety reasons, Blue Bikes are not available for check-out from the Mesa Lab.  We recommend that only experienced bicyclists with well-fitting personal bikes ride on the hill below the Mesa Lab.

For more information, contact us at or ext.8625.

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