Boulder B-cycle

UCAR/NCAR riders on B-cycles


Ride a B-cycle today! UCAR offers all staff and visitors FREE annual B-cycle memberships, called Republic Rider passes. 
Bike sharing with B-cycle means having access to hundreds of bicycles, all housed in conveniently located kiosks in popular destinations all over town - including stations at CG2 and between FLA and FL2. It's fun, econcomical, and an efficient mode of transportation.

Watch this 5-minute video customized for UCAR staff and visitors to learn everything you need to know about how to get started with your free B-cycle membership. 

To access your free pass, please send an email to We will send you your promo code and instructions for how to register and ride.  


Visit Boulder B-cycle for more information about the bike sharing system.

Boulder B-cycle members can also register their memberships for use in the Denver B-cycle system at no extra charge. When riding in Denver, all Denver B-cycle rules apply, including the 30 minute free check out time.  For more information, check out the Boulder B-cycle FAQ.

Staff can sign up for UCAR-paid memberships. Discounts are available for family members of staff, visitors to NCAR/UCAR, and attendees at UCAR-sponsored conferences.


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